A friend that will forever standing beside the success of every brand

We aim to become the world’s top 5 in packaging design, logo design, web interior design with fusion type of art that perfectly mixes all elements together. We will provide customer advice on how to create and develop their image from the first step and become a friend who will stand by to watch the success of your brand forever. We give a well-rounded strategy to capture competitive advantage and sustainability in the current severe market condition.


Create a stepping stone for you to further in the market is our highest goal

Allidea Studio was established from the merging of 2 new generation of IT experts in 2005. The initiation came from Furoshiki or Japanese traditional gift wrapping technique which refers to giving a meaningful, valuable, and humble gift. This detailed and well-thought process allowed the Japanese to be the world’s leader in creating beautiful packaging. We took the Japanese concept and combined it with Thai characteristics that embody delicateness and turned it into fusion art with dimension and emotion enabling to translate brand personality through various products such as logo design, packaging design, web interior design, and printing media and designs of other media in many types. Our products will help add value to your product and most importantly, help you further the development of your product in the market.


Not just beauty but translate brand personality to further marketing techniques with artifice

In 2011, Allidea Studio Co., Ltd. has been established with 1 million Baht capital and became a fast growing company that is currently well-known in the Southeast Asian, Middle-eastern, European, and American packaging design markets. With our determination of producing designs which cover 360 degree that does not only include beauty but also present a clear and outstanding brand personality combined with marketing techniques.

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